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License #192-000101

SAFETY NOTE: Some antique cast iron safes contained a TEAR GAS VIAL inside the door as part of the protection package. In addition, many older safes used ASBESTOS as a fire-retardant barrier. Use caution when moving or working on older safes.

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Safes are sold in hardware stores, sporting goods stores, office supply stores, big box retailers of all types, even on the Internet. Safes are also sold by specialized safe retailers and LOCKSMITH stores who make their living servicing and opening safes, they are professional. 


We stock a variety of different safe sizes and types including GUN Safes, CASH-DROP Safes, BURGLARY Safes, JEWELRY Safes, FIRE-RESISTANT Safes, FIREPROOF File Cabinets, GUN LOCKERS, etc.

When you buy your safe from us, a locksmith who sells safes, we’ll help you make the correct choice. We are fully qualified to help you choose the best safe for your unique needs. Come into our safe showroom and see what we have to offer.

Starfleet Safe Moving

SAFE MOVINGMost safes purchased online will be delivered and dropped in your driveway, they DELIVER it to you but don’t actually INSTALL it. You can move it yourself or you can engage a professional safe moving company. Starfleet Lock & Safe offers a full range of services regarding safes. Call us for a free, no obligation SERVICE PACK* estimate. In the Springfield area we will meet with you to determine the type of safe, your time schedule and any special delivery requirements such as basement, stairs, flooring material, exact safe placement, etc.

*STARFLEET SERVICE PACK – We’ll take your safe from the place of purchase, deliver it to your location, install it in place and bolt it down. We’ll also set your combination, give you usage directions and address any questions you may have. (We recommend bolting down in most cases to prevent a safe from being easily removed or from tipping over when a heavy door is fully opened.)