Old Safe

SAFETY NOTE: Some antique cast iron safes contained a TEAR GAS VIAL inside the door as part of the protection package. In addition, many older safes used ASBESTOS as a fire-retardant barrier. Use caution when moving, working on or servicing older safes.


Choosing the correct safe for your needs,  can be a complicated task,  there are many different kinds of safes in the marketplace. Safes are designed and built to provide specific protections for the items you want to place in them. Safes are sold in many places, hardware stores, sporting goods stores, office supply stores, “big box retailers” of all types, even on the Internet. When you consider buying a safe from these sources, you need to answer a few questions.

  • Who is going to help me decide what type of safe I need? Do you really want advice on protecting your valuables from a minimum wage hardware clerk?

  • How is my safe going to be shipped? No matter how low the price, you will still have to pay shipping charges, safes are heavy and hard to handle and move.

  • Who is going to install it, and be sure it is secure? Many safes gain an additional level of security by being bolted to the floor or wall, if this is not done correctly a thief could just remove the safe from you home or business.

  • Who is going to service and maintain it? In order to operate correctly and provide the protection you expect, lock and bolt mechanisms should be checked and maintained on a periodic basis.

Safes are also sold by specialized safe retailers and many locksmith stores, these folks make their living selling and servicing safes, they are the professionals. When you buy your safe from a specialized safe retailer or locksmith who sells safes, they will help you make the correct choice. Starfleet Lock & Safe, Inc. is a professional safe retailer, we are the professionals, we are fully qualified to help you choose the correct safe for your unique needs. Some criteria you will need to consider are:

  • If you keep your business documents and records in your home or at your place of business you need a FIRE SAFE. Statistics show that if a company’s records are lost in a fire, 17% can no longer furnish a financial statement, 14% suffer a reduction in credit rating and 43% go out of business completely. No home or business is safe from fire.

  • If you keep cash or valuables at home at your place of business, or in a safe deposit box,  you may want to consider a BURGLARY SAFE or high security container.

  • If you have a high traffic retail business where a lot of cash is handled you may benefit from a DEPOSIT SAFE,  or skim safe,  to control the who has access to your cash and for how long.

  • If you keep computer media on your premises it should be stored in a MEDIA/DATA SAFE.

  • If you keep guns for sport or hunting they should be stored in a GUN SAFE.

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Starfleet Safe Moving


You can do it yourself or you can engage a professional safe moving company. Starfleet Lock & Safe offers a full range of services regarding safes. Call us for a free, no obligation SERVICE PACK quote. Note: In the Springfield area we will meet with you to determine the type of safe, your time schedule and any special delivery requirements such as basement, stairs (wood or concrete), flooring material, exact safe placement, etc.

STARFLEET SERVICE PACK – We’ll pick up your safe from the place of purchase, deliver it to your location, install it in place and bolt it down.* We’ll also set your combination, give you usage directions and address any questions you may have. *(We recommend bolting down in most cases to prevent a safe from being easily removed or from tipping over when a heavy door is fully opened.)




  • B1 – Theft-Resistent Label – (Minimum Security rating)

  • B2 – UL/RSC Label – Residential Security Container (Medium Security rating)

  • B3 – Non-Rated Anti-Theft Label – (Incorporates features of high-security safes but without a UL rating)

  • B4 – UL/TL-15 Label (Tool Resistant – 15 Minutes) Timed attack by various break-in tools

  • B5 – UL/TL-30 Label (Tool Resistant – 30 Minutes) Timed attack by various break-in tools

  • B6 – UL/TL30X6 (Tool Resistant – 30 Minutes, 6-Sided) or TR/TL-30 Label (Torch & Tool Resistant – 30 Minutes)

FIRE SAFE Ratings (The flash-point of paper is 451 degrees farenheit)

  • FR – Fire Resistant unrated insulated safe or container (Awaiting UL Approval)

  • 1/2 Hour – UL Class 350 – Interior will not exceed 350 degrees for 30 minutes in a 1550 degree fire.

  • 1 Hour – UL Class 350 – Interior will not exceed 350 degrees for 60 minutes in a 1550 degree fire.

  • 1 Hour + – UL Class 350 – Interior will not exceed 350 degrees for 60 minutes in a 1550 degree fire + Impact Label*.

  • 2 Hour – UL Class 350 – Interior will not exceed 350 degrees for 120 minutes in a 1550 degree fire.

  • 2 Hour + – UL Class 350 – Interior will not exceed 350 degrees for 120 minutes in a 1550 degree fire + Impact Label*.

  • *Impact Label – Safe is heated to 1550 degrees for 30 minutes (1638 degrees for 2-Hour Rating) then dropped onto concrete rubble from a height of 30 feet. Safe is then turned upside down and reheated for another 30 minutes (45 minutes for 2-Hour rating). Safe must maintain it’s integrity and protect all contents in order to pass the UL Impact Test.


“TL” ratings are the current UL ratings, and can be broken down as follows. These are sample ratings, there are more. The term “resists attack by tools” is measured as the actual time that the tool is in contact with the area being attacked. Keeping this in mind, the test time is typically much longer than the number of minutes given.

  • TL15 – resists attack by standard and abrasive tools for 15 minutes

  • TL30 – resists attack by standard and abrasive tools for 30 minutes

  • TL60 – resists attack by standard and abrasive tools for 60 minutes

  • TLTR60 – resists standard tools, abrasive tools and torch attack for 60 minutes

  • TLTRTX60X6 – resists tool, abrasive tool, torch and explosive attack for 60 minutes, on all 6 sides.