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License #192-000101

When you move into a house or apartment the BEST PROTECTION is to REKEY the locks. Rekeying the locks to a new key keeps any former tenant, owner, visitor or maintenance person who has an old key from re-entering without your permission.

Since you don’t know how many people had keys (relatives, roommates, maintenance, etc.) you don’t know who can just walk in at any time.

As a  U.S. LOCK Service Center  , we offer rapid response by knowledgeable security professionals. Starfleet Lock & Safe, Inc. offers a variety of mechanical and electronic locks for residential use. We can meet your needs.

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Residential Locks

NOTE: See the warning about UNLICENSED scammers advertising as locksmiths on our ‘Home Page’.

Why wait for service technicians that don’t show up on time… and sometimes they don’t even bother to show up at all?

At Starfleet Lock & Safe, Inc. we provide Locks, Keys, Safes & Service! We keep our appointments and arrive at your home at the agreed-on time. If there is a slight delay we will call to inform you and verify that the new arrival time will not inconvenience you. We will consult with you to determine the level of security you desire for your home and key all of your locks to work with the same key (even padlocks) to minimize the hassle of dealing with multiple keys.