As an authorized U.S. Lock Service Center we offer rapid response by knowledgeable security professionals. We can meet your needs. We provide Locks, Keys, Safes & Service! Why wait for service technicians that don’t show up?

Who has your keys? When you move into a house or apartment the best protection is to rekey the locks. Re-keying keeps any former tenant, owner, visitor or maintenance person who has an old key. Since you don’t know how many people had keys (relatives, room-mates, maintenance, etc.) you don’t know who can just walk in at any time.

Scary thought, isn’t it? We can meet your needs. We provide Locks, Keys, Safes & Service. We’ll upgrade, repair or replace knobs. levers, deadbolts and patio door locks. Most security doors can be keyed to match other locks in your house. We can usually supply one key to fit all of the locks in your home for your convenience.

Push button locks for residential use are available in a variety of styles and finishes. The battery-operated entry locks or deadbolts will provide easy access without a key and most models have a lighted keypad for use at night.

HIGH-SECURITY & RESTRICTED KEYS – We offer a variety of restricted and patented high-security locks and keys. Restricted keys offer you the ability to control who gets keys duplicated. Only certain people are authorized to have duplicate keys made – assigned by you. 

No hardware store, big box store or key kiosk will be able to cut these keys. Even other locksmith shops are prohibited from copying these keys. You can only get these keys from us.

We also have specialty locks or padlocks to fit any gate, fence, shed or building. For wrought iron fences and gates, custom weldable gate boxes hold a standard deadbolt.

Some padlocks can be set to work off of your house key. Imagine the convenience of one key fitting all of your locks!

Padlocks can also work with a combination code. A hasp or bolt can be mounted to accept the padlock. When properly mounted, all attachment screws should be concealed to prevent unauthorized removal.

New specialty padlocks can be ordered and made to work by your Ford, GM or Chrysler key. These padlocks are perfect for use on campers, trailers, hitches, towing chains, etc. Use your truck key to open your truck padlock.