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License #192-000101

CONVENIENCE and SECURITY are delicately balanced. It’s convenient to leave your keys in the ignition, but isn’t secure. If something is relatively secure it usually isn’t very convenient. Wireless and Keyless access products offer both aspects in an attractive package. We sell and install a wide variety of mechanical and electrified locking hardware for commercial and residential applications.

Starfleet Lock &  Safe, Inc. can help you find the correct products with the features you need. Be aware of the fact that security hardware comes in various Grades, Functions, Designs, and Applications.

GRADES of a lock:

  • GRADE 3 Standard-Duty for Residential knobs and deadbolts
  • GRADE 2 Medium-Duty for standard Commercial use (or heavy Residential use)
  • GRADE 1 Heavy-Duty for Commercial & Industrial use
  • GRADE 1X Extreme-Duty for special applications (HazMat areas, etc.)


FUNCTIONS of a lock:

  1. STOREROOM – Unlocked by exterior key, relocks when key is removed, always free inside – no button
  2. CLASSROOM – Locked or Unlocked by exterior key, always free inside – no button
  3. ENTRY – Unlocked by exterior key, always free inside – push / turn button inside locks outside
  4. PRIVACY – Unlocked by small screwdriver or tool, always free inside – push button inside locks outside
  5. PASSAGE – Latch only, no locking function
  6. DUMMY TRIM – Surface-applied lever or knobs to match adjoining door hardware. No key, latch or bolt
  7. OTHER – Special functions are available for Hospitals, Asylums, Prisons, etc.