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Who has keys to YOUR home or office?

Terminated Employees? ~ Your Ex? ~ An Old Roommate? ~ Fill in the blank: _________?



Standard keys marked with “Do Not Duplicate”, “Do Not Copy”, “Duplication Prohibited”, etc. can usually be duplicated at any locksmith, hardware store… even the automated key kiosk. It is not against the law to duplicate these keys since the key blanks to fit these locks are commonly available.
Most KEY CONTROL systems utilize Restricted, Patent-Protected or High Security Lock & Key Systems and/or cylinders. Because they are patented, the duplication of keys can only be done by factory-authorized professional locksmiths. 
KEY CONTROL is a ladder, the higher you go, the more secure your facility.

Key Control Ladder

  • 1st RUNG STANDARD – New home or apartment? You should always assume that someone else may have a key. Have the locks re-keyed.
  • 2nd RUNG “DO NOT DUPLICATE” – The risk of unauthorized duplication is very high, even if your keys are marked “Do Not Duplicate”.
  • 3rd RUNG RESTRICTED – Restricted keys supplied by our distributors are the entry step to prevent unauthorized duplication.
  • 4th RUNG HIGH-SECURITY RESTRICTED – Major lock manufacturers have restricted keyways, they are restricted by the millings on the key and lock cylinder.
  • 5th RUNG HIGH-SECURITY PATENTED – Patented key programs restricted by contract. Only authorized people have access to obtaining duplicate keys. Locks protect against lock pickinglock bumping, and other by-pass methods.


Starfleet Lock & Safe, Inc. is a contracted and authorized dealer for these and other uncommon, patented and restricted KEY CONTROL products:

Schlage Primus


Schlage Everest