Does YOUR business conform to all current ADAFIRE and LIFE SAFETY codes?

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Often referred to as ‘Panic Bars’ or ‘Crash Bars’, Exit Devices were developed to allow immediate egress in the event of a fire, emergency or panic situation. 

NOTE: Fire and Life Safety codes require that the exit device be the ONLY locking device on the door. Deadbolts, slide bolts, chains, padlocks, over-ride blocking bars, etc. can not be on the door because they would negate the immediate ‘no knowledge / single action’ exit requirement.





Door Closers

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A door closer is installed to close a door automatically after someone passes through the door – or to hold it open. If a door closer is not properly adjusted it can close too fast or not at all. If it is worn out it may be leaking oil. In either case it presents a liability on your part. People can be hit by the door or slip in the oil that has dripped on the floor. Call us to remedy any door closer problems.