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License #192-000101

Does YOUR business conform to all current ADAFIRE and LIFE SAFETY codes?


Often misunderstood, Master Key Systems are a form of Access Control.

NOTE: Examine the differences in this illustration:

  • #1 Key works A-B-C-D-E-F (6 doors)
  • #2 Key works A-C-F (3 doors)
  • #3 Key works A-B-D (3 doors)
  • #4 Key works A-B-C-D-F (5 doors)

These complex systems are developed mathematically to allow different people different levels of access to different secured areas.

This control can be accomplished with mechanical keys, keypads, electronic cards or fobs. A survey is completed to determine who needs to go through which locks. In other words it’s a traffic control system.

In a business or apartment complex, the owner or general manager can have a Master Key that works all locks while a different manager’s key only works in certain areas.

For instance an employee’s key may only work in the employee entrance and their own private office. Or that key may also fit ‘common areas’ such as the lunchroom, restrooms, etc. Each Master Key System is designed to meet the specific requirements of the customer and the intentional crossover (multiple different keys to fit the same lock) must be tightly controlled.



Often referred to as ‘Panic Bars’ or ‘Crash Bars’, Exit Devices were developed to allow immediate egress (exit) in the event of a fire, emergency or panic situation.

Some situations require exit devices with loud alarms to be used. These alarms notify store personnel when an unauthorized exit through a door is occurring.

Exterior trim for an exit device can be in a lever, thumb-latch or key-pull design to allow entry with a key.

Most devices can be set to a passage function (no key needed) during open hours of a business then locked for exit-only after hours.



Any door with a lighted EXIT sign above or immediately adjoining it is a marked fire exit and must meet compliance with the applicable Fire & Life Safety codes.

NOTE: Fire & Life Safety Codes in most cities require that the exit device be the ONLY locking device on the door. The path of exit cannot be blocked by any means.

Deadbolts, slide bolts, chains, padlocks, over-ride blocking bars, etc. can NOT be present on the door because they would negate the ‘No Knowledge / Single Motion’ immediate-exit requirement.



Door Closers

A door closer is installed to close a door automatically after someone passes through the door – or to hold it open for an extended period.

If a door closer is not properly adjusted it can close too fast or not at all. If it is worn out it may be leaking oil.

In either case it presents a liability on your part. People can be hit by the door closing too fast or slip in the oil that has dripped on the floor. Call us to remedy any door closer problems.