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Starfleet Lock & Safe, Inc. was formed in 1993 by Diane and Gene Gyure. Gene applied his past locksmith experience to form this new company specifically to address the Lock, Safe, Vault and other security needs of commercial, government, banking and institutional customers.


GENE GYURE CRL, GSAI is a locksmith owner who specializes in Safe, Vault and GSA Government Security containers. He is highly knowledgeable in safe deposit boxes, safe entry techniques and safe relocation consultation. He will survey a potential safe delivery site to determine the safest way to deliver that safe without any damage to the safe or your personal property or residence.


AMANDA GYURE-KOESTNER is our office manager and safe sales associate. She knows safes inside and out and can assist you in selection of the best gun safe, jewelry safe of burglary & fire safe that fits your needs. Her intricate knowledge of safe ratings, available options and delivery limitations help her help you.


TOM GILLESPIE CML, CIL, CCL is a Certified Master Locksmith with 48 years in the industry. In addition to specializing in Master Key Systems, he’s authored articles in various locksmith and safe publications since 1988. He’s a currently a Contributing Editor and on the Editorial Review Board of two industry trade magazines.


BRADLEY DOBSON is a locksmith technician with a vast experience in mechanical and electronic operating systems. Brad is detail-oriented and loves the challenge of solving security problems by applying common sense solutions. He will install, repair or upgrade your lock hardware to give you peace of mind.


ALEX GILLESPIE is a locksmith technician with a vast experience in security environments. Alex understands the challenge of solving security problems by keeping the bad guys where they belong – out of your home and business. He will address your security hardware needs to keep your possessions protected.


SASA is our resident mobile alarm system. She notifies us anytime someone arrives at the shop. She works cheap and only asks for a treat when someone walks through the door. So if the UPS guy, FedEx guy, mail lady, a customer, or even one of us comes in… she wants to be paid.